Saldatrice stayer 160A 230V elett. basici/rutili/inox 2.5/4.0mm PLUS 160 GE K

StayerSKU: 209_011_PLUS 160 GE K

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GE Stayer Inverter Plus 160 B Welding Machine.

Professional inverter suitable for welding all electrodes (except cellulosic and aluminum) up to diameter 3.25/4 and Tig welding with smear initiation.
Oversized electronic components. combined with power supply voltage control and verification. allows for constant working currents.
Equipped with Digital Ammeter. Arc Force with automatic adjustment according to the set working current. Hot Start and Anti Stick. they find use in small and medium carpentry. Suitable for use with motogenerators of 4/5 KVA power. taking care to always bring the motogenerator up to speed before connecting the inverter.
Maximums 160A at 30% - 125A at 100%.

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